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Radial Testing Platform

“Data Player”

  • Radial provides a “Data Player” that conducts hi-speed testing of composite trading strategies (based on tick-by-tick or other data), not currently available in the marketplace. This Platform includes a “Slippage Vector” that yields a realistic fill ratio, resulting in a very accurate portrayal of the validity and profitability of a trading strategy.
  • Highlights of this systems are:
    • Plays tick-by-tick recorded data
    • Test single/multiple days
    • Test single/multiple configurations
    • Accelerated/Slow play of recorded data

Tick-by-Tick Data
  • Most automated trading platforms currently in the marketplace have the limitation of analyzing, at best, minute-by-minute data. Radial’s technology possesses the unique ability to exploit market and trading, tick-by-tick data, intra-day. Trading strategies and algorithms are thus customized to suit the more complex details required by today’s traders and fund managers.

Analysis Tools
  • Radial collects all of its live trading and testing results into databases where analysis is performed on all aspects of the transactions.
  • Analysis of various configurations and parameters are viewed and optimized for best results.
  • Examples of trading statistics collected and reported are daily P/L’s, drawdowns, volume, number of transactions, win/lose ratios, etc.
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