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Radial Automated Trading Platform - Overview

  • Radial’s Automated Trading Platform (Engine) orchestrates the process of monitoring tick-by-tick market information of any number of instruments, applying trading strategies to that information, and executing trading orders that are derived from those strategies.The Radial platform allows a trader to automatically identify, filter, monitor and execute a virtually unlimited number of trades per second, simultaneously and in real-time, based on a specific pre-designed investment/trading strategy.
  • Unique trading strategies are ‘plugged in’ to Radial’s Trading Platform, making each setup of the engine a unique black-box trading system.
  • Through its advanced user interface, Radial provides a simple yet efficient way to control all aspects of automated trading throughout the trading day.
  • The Platform has risk management and compliance tools built-in, to ensure trading within the bounds of the regulatory authorities.
  • The platform generates a comprehensive set of logs, allowing further analysis of trades, performance, risk, and other aspects of trading.
  • API and SDK – Radial provides an API and SDK (Software Development Kit) for clients who are interested in automating their trading strategies by themselves. Alternatively, we can provide the service of automating those strategies and integrating them into the Trading Platform.
  • Testing and analysis – with the trading platform, we provide an unmatched set of tools to support back/forward testing of trading strategies.

Platform Interface
  • Radial’s platform interface is user-friendly and very easy to use. All data related to a symbol is found on a single line and more in-depth data is found by double-clicking on a symbol.
  • The Platform supports international markets and symbols and manages multiple exchanges.
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