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Complete Automated Trading Solutions
  • Radial uses its entire suite of products and tools to provide its clients with end-to-end solutions from conception to integration to testing to trading.

Testing Services
  • Radial provides its clients with a complete testing environment or a client can elect to contract us to do the testing for them. This includes back testing, live testing, multiple configurations and variable symbol lists.

  • Radial will analyze the testing results and determine the viability of a client’s trading strategy. Radial records all live and paper testing into its databases, providing a detailed status and trading logs per strategy. This, on a trade-by-trade basis presenting analysis of performance based on P&L (per share or symbol), volume, costs, drawdowns, use of capital, etc., for every tested configuration.

  • Through analysis of a strategy or multiple configurations of the same strategy, Radial can help a client to optimize an algorithm to yield the highest returns possible for that specific algorithm. Our performance measurement and optimization services, result in an ongoing communication and provide clients with a means for continually attributing enhancements to their systems.
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