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Why Use Radial Systems
Radial Systems LLC (“Radial”) is in the business of providing advanced automated trading tools and extracting value from unique trading strategies. We obtain a trading strategy that is being traded manually and adapt it to trade automatically via our Platform. The tools that we furnish allow for programming and testing capabilities that competing systems do not presently offer.

What is Automated Trading
An automated trading system (black box) is an automated order execution system (precise entry and exit rules) based on real time analysis of market data. More precisely, it includes the programming of strategies that are defined by trading professionals and fund managers, and adapting them into automated computerized models on their behalf.

Radial’s proprietary, trading platform continuously captures and analyzes substantial amounts of market data in real time, and then, through the use of strategies or algorithms coupled with its Platform, will automatically execute buy and sell orders that take advantage of market conditions.

Most of Radial’s trades (98%) are executed via its automated platform, with human supervision and intervention executing the remaining 2%.

Advantages of an Automated Trading System
There are many advantages of an automated system however, based on much experience, we have found that its effects are most notable concerning the following:
  • Monitor market activities in real time, instantly acting upon a strategy’s entry and exit signals.
  • Have “first to market” advantage.
  • Monitor and trade any number of strategies and/or securities simultaneously.
  • Analyze trading results and run different scenarios to improve strategies and concepts over time.
  • Eliminate human errors and emotional effects.
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