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Compliance Controls

Radial Platform can help ensure that a trading strategy meets with all regulatory compliance requirements and that no trading violations occur. Clients must be aware of existing rules and changes to them and implement these in their strategies. Once implemented, the Radial Platform will not deviate from them.


Radial’s Platform can enable buy-side firms to manage and trade multiple accounts or funds in real-time. The ability to allocate funds and manage risk is built into the system using the institution’s input. The Platform will permit a strategy to trade accounts by sector, industry, amount of capital or any requested parameter - with the ability to change any of these on the fly, taking into account compliance constraints, hedge requirements and all factors needed for the management of their own accounts.

With the use of Radial’s Platform, large institutions with program trading desks, principal and agency trading, equity derivatives and proprietary sell-side desks can provide each of their clients unique, automated and customized trading strategies. Also available to sell-side clients is the ability to back test their strategies using real-time or historical data and the ability to analyze and optimize to strategy to derive maximum performance from a model.
Money Flow & VWAP
Get as much information as possible about the actions all the market participants have taken on a stock. The Radial Platform will track Money Flow in real time and provide traders with revealing market data that show the forces driving a security. The Platform, through a Money Flow strategy, can automatically provide analysis concerning the strength of a rally or sell-out, and trade accordingly.

The Platform will allow you to track current cumulative VWAP in real time and trade at better than the average buyer/seller of a stock. Relative value traders and arbitragers can use the platform to automatically monitor Money Flow and VWAP simultaneously and the system will automatically trade taking advantage of short term buying or selling opportunities at lightning speeds.

Supported Securities
  • Equities
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Currencies (available soon)
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