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Trading Strategies Based on Specified Rules

Radial’s platform helps a trader find and react to opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. This leads to higher profits and performance.

The trader or trading firm can utilize our API & SDK package to design, develop and test trading strategies and logic, independently of Radial. We can compliment this by offering optimization services, whereby a strategy’s return may be improved by Radial. As well, Radial can use its experience and expertise in project management to assist clients in rolling out their strategies as efficiently and cautiously as possible.

When developing systems for our clients, we do whatever it takes to understand their needs and outline the exact specification of the trading strategy. We adapt their rules-based strategies and algorithms into a working software model, and most importantly, bring feedback to their models. Our clients feel confident in knowing that their decisions are prudent ones, backed by our experience and know-how, through efficient and cost-effective solutions. We are continually striving to optimize a trader’s algorithms to ensure continued and increased profitability.

Radial Systems handles rules-based trading of mathematical based, graph-based, technical, VWAP, Pairs, Long / Short strategies, and most every other quantifiable, custom strategy our users have traded. Trading algorithms can be written using our C++ API, thus overcoming any limitation of other semi-professional scripting languages. Additionally, Radial Systems offers the ability to develop and configure automated order routing and order handling characteristics.

Whether trading pairs, VWAP, long/short strategies or otherwise, Radial will work with you to build and implement your trading algorithms.

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