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Radial Systems seeks to provide U.S. and International clients with a sophisticated technology platform that would enable them to develop, test, optimize and automate their manual trading strategies using stocks, options, futures and currencies. This would assist in reducing operational costs, increasing revenue-streaming opportunities, allowing for the management of more trades and higher volume.

Radial-System is a technology company with a focus on identifying proven manual trading methods and converting these to fully automated systems. Our trading systems supply a substantial amount of liquidity to the market through automated orders made for institutional clients and traders.

Radial has developed for its clients trading algorithms spanning a vast array of different trading styles and methodologies that cover a broad range of listed and over-the-counter stocks. Our systems function on a tick-by-tick basis scanning the entire listed and ECN marketplace, thus generating entry and exit signals at the most opportune times (reacting in milliseconds to market conditions).

Radial’s advanced technology and its flexibility in adapting to rapidly changing market conditions have made it one of the only players that can provide an entire institutional firm with the ability to automate their trading needs.

Our platform seamlessly integrates to any trading system and has been developed to satisfy the demanding needs of traders and institutional firms. We continually strive to provide technology that enhances a trader’s capability in the marketplace through superior technology, tools and customer service.

Automated trading of options and futures is not yet internationally prevalent, however, Radial stands ready to provide it clients with all the automated tools necessary to successfully conquer these markets. As liquidity in these markets keeps growing, the advantages of automated trading systems can provide significant potential to futures and options traders.

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